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renewable resource
absorbs greenhouse gases
has an amazing growth rate
has very little waste
it is versatile( can replace wood)
doesn't need fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides
protects soil by preventing soil erosion
provides economic development
grows in variety of climates and conditions such as from low wetlands to higher elevations like mountains

Bamboo Spa Towels

CAD 48.00

Towel Type : Set of Hand and Bath towels

Cart Price : CAD 48.00

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Description :

Personalize your Go-E towels for free by having your names or initials embroidered at a max of 3 letters, exceeding letters will be charged for $2.50 each.

A variety of fonts and colors to choose from, you can digitize photos/ logos as well for $75.00, plus a one-time set up fee of $25.00

Size : Hand Towels :- 60cm x 102cm, Face Towels :- 34cm x 34cm

Ways that Bamboo saves our planet:

Bamboo also contains an anti-bacterial bio-agent called kun, which makes its fabric resistant to bacteria. Also because of its breathable fabric quality it remains odourless and it doesn't cling to skin, which makes it a lot more comfortable and hygienic than any other fabric.

Economic Sustainability
It takes about 60 years to produce a full grown tree, hence another 60 years to replace one. As a result, our world is battling a crisis on the scarcity of wood. Therefore, the use of bamboo can be a remedy to this problem. Besides the strength of the material and its renewable prospects, bamboo is very easy to grow, since they produce several shoots at a time and will take as much room as they possibly can. Bamboo is quality and quantity.

Disclaimer : The colors of the Towels and Accessories shown on the web catalogue may vary slightly from the original product.